Sleeping Beauty SF Chronicle Article

Police Baffled by “Sleeping Beauty” Homicide

Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer

Friday, March 19, 2010

(03-19) 11:43 PDT SAN FRANCISCO

Sources within the San Francisco Police Department admit that the investigation into a recent murder has stalled because of the baffling circumstances of the case, as well as a lack of physical evidence. Ms. Ellen Allbright, a young SF State student was found in her Mission district apartment last Wednesday night, suffocated to death inside a glass box. In a twisted mockery of the classic ‘Sleeping Beauty’ fairytale, Ms. Allbright was found laying in the box, arms crossed across her chest, wearing what appears to be a medieval-style gown. Police suspect Ms. Allbright was knocked out, then left within the airtight glass box she was found in to suffocate.

Compounding the strangeness was the crimson lipstick imprint of a ‘kiss’ on the outside of the box. As of yet, police have conducted interviews of Ms. Allbright’s acquaintances as well as analyzed all evidence on the scene, but have no leads. Anyone with any information regarding this young lady’s death is asked to call Detective Thorton at 510-664-5252.

Sleeping Beauty SF Chronicle Article

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