Kindred’s connection with his own feral nature now allows him to command them as well. No longer need he beg, threaten or cajole animals into doing his will. He demands, and they obey as best they can.

The vampire must make eye contact, as with Feral Whispers, and convey to an animal precisely what he wants it to do. The animal obeys to the best of its ability, but its nature and intelligence might cause it to interpret its orders in unusual ways. Once it has received an order, the animal carries it out, assuming it can be completed before the following sunrise. At dawn, the compulsion ceases, regardless of whether the task is complete or not.

It is extremely difficult to order an animal to do anything blatantly against its nature (such as ordering a sparrow to attack someone) or obviously self-destructive (such as forcing a guard dog to lie down in front of a moving truck). A vampire can give single orders to only one animal at a time, but he may have as many animals currently under his control as circumstances allow, as long as he can give each one its orders individually.


Dice Pool: Presence + Animal Ken + Animalism – animal’s Composure

Action: Instant

Obedience also requires a contested roll if the animal is already under the control of another Kindred with this power (in which case Obedience successes achieved must exceed those rolled for the original vampire).

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: Dramatic failure indicates that the animal either attacks the character or does the exact opposite of what he commands it to do. In addition, that animal is immune to any further use of Animalism by that character until the next sunset.

Failure: Failure indicates that the character cannot command or communicate with the animal.

Success: Success indicates that the animal obeys the character’s orders to the best of its abilities.

Exceptional Success: Exceptional success indicates that the animal develops a strong, if temporary, affection for the character. It attempts to please and to anticipate orders, even when not actively following a specific command.

Suggested Modifiers

+1 The animal is a predatory mammal (wolf, cat, insectivorous bat).

+1 The character has already successfully used Feral Whispers on the animal he now attempts to command with Obedience.

— The animal is another sort of mammal, a predatory bird or a large reptile (rat, owl, alligator).

-1 The animal is another sort of bird or a small reptile (pigeon, snake).

-1 The order is contradictory to the animal’s nature or set of inherent abilities.

-1 The animal is a ghoul.

-3 The animal is an insect or fish.

-3 The order is blatantly suicidal.


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