Meditative Mind

Effect: Your character can effortlessly enter a meditative state when she chooses, and can remain in it for as long as she wishes. All environmental penalties imposed to Wits + Composure rolls to meditate are ignored. Not even wound penalties apply to your characterÕs efforts to focus.

Dice Pool: Composure + Wits + equipment

Action: Extended (4 successes; one roll represents 30 minutes)

Meditation is a means of relaxation and reflection that is useful to counterbalance daily stresses and to restore oneÕs emotional center. It helps to filter out extraneous influences and allows a person to re-dedicate herself to personal beliefs, values and aspirations. For game purposes, this practice has a powerful effect on maintaining emotional balance and bolstering oneÕs moral resolve in the face of potential degeneration (the decline of oneÕs Morality, as explained on p. 91).

Performing a successful meditation session requires at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time in which your character turns her attention inward and tunes out the world. Each roll represents one such 30-minute segment, and meditation sessions can potentially run for several hours as the practitioner struggles with lifeÕs distractions and seeks her focus. Situational modifiers such as the characterÕs mental and physical condition and environmental distractions can apply. Four successes are required for a rewarding effort. If successful, your character gains a +1 bonus on her next degeneration roll. This bonus lasts until that degeneration roll is made or until the character sleeps, whichever comes first. Once she awakens, she has to meditate again in order to reclaim the bonus. Once the degeneration roll has been made, she can meditate again for a bonus on her next roll, even if she hasnÕt slept yet.

Suggested Equipment: Yoga mat (+1), prayer beads (+1), meditative music or relaxation tapes (+2), meditation room (+3)

Possible Penalties: Loud noises (-1), nearby children (-1), uncomfortable environment (-1), lack of sleep (-1 to -2), lack of food (-1 to -3)

Meditative Mind

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