Mask of Tranquility

degree that he may subvert some of the stains that undeath leaves upon his soul. A vampire who knows this power can mask his Kindred nature from onlookers, leaving them without the impression that the Predator’s Taint inflicts.

Cost: —

Dice Pool: This power involves no roll, and is considered “always on.” The character does not trigger the Predator’s Taint (see p. 168). Therefore, the character doesn’t even appear as a vampire to other Kindred who see him. Kindred who can discern auras fail to register the vampire as undead; his aura is no different from a mortal’s (the colors are not pale like a normal Kindred’s). Note that this power doesn’t render the user immune to the Predator’s Taint himself, he merely doesn’t cause the reaction in others.

The character may turn off this power if he wishes, but such is an all-or-nothing proposition. He may not turn off certain aspects of this power and keep others active. Note also that uses of Auspex may call this power into question — see the “Clash of Wills” sidebar on p. 119 for details.

Action: N/A

Mask of Tranquility

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