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Our intrepid anti-heroes are the part owners of a tiny curios shop in San Francisco. Nestled in a dreary side-alley, away from the hustle and bustle, they trade in ancient artifacts, strange secrets, and intricate plots. What mysteries await them, here in the City of Eternal Fog?

The Three Cities

The Bay Area, for all intents and purposes, consists of three cities, each within one hour’s driving distance of one another, and inexorably linked by business, crime, trade, and mutual need.

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San Francisco

Protruding out into the bay like a sinister claw, San Francisco is a city of mystery, power, and limitless intrigue. A place of immense business, constant social change, and unknown opportunity.

Government of San Francisco

Geography of San Francisco


The mean streets of Oakland are no place for a slow wit or a naive body. Hardened, exotic, and incredibly dangerous; many Kindred go into Oak Town, but few leave… in one piece.

Government of Oakland

Geography of Oakland


Radical. Uncompromising. Undying. The city of Berkeley is called home by some of the most brilliant minds on the west coast… and some of the most dangerous.

Government of Berkeley

Geography of Berkeley

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