Government of San Francisco

San Francisco is the seat of power in The Bay. It is here, from his estate, that Julian Luna, the prince, rules.

Governing Council

The Bay, as an entity, is ruled by Julian Luna, and a council of Primogen. As the city is firmly under Carthian control, and most of the west coast supports liberal governing tendencies, as well as the personal character of Julian Luna, the government is hardly oppressive.

The Governing Council of primogen is made up of representatives from each of the five clans. Each are charged with representing their clan’s best interest, and the concept of primogen and priscus is merged in the city.

The governing council consists of

In a city such as San Francisco, democracy reigns among the kindred. However, by the same token, it is understood that such a society can only be ruled effectively by it’s elders. Therefore, it is a sort of limited democracy, where each Primogen is elected from among their clan for an undetermined period of time, the only checks on their term of office being death or impeachment. While some may grumble that the system is unfair to neonates, most agree that it’s better to have several elders who know what they’re doing running the show.

Furthermore, while the day-to-day running of the city is controlled by Julian Luna, the primogen council meets once a week to make decisions on policy, arbitrate, and make most important decisions. The council is based around consensus, but each primogen gets one vote. Julian Luna does not get a vote in these matters, unless it is to break a tie.

Mortal Law Enforcement

The SFPD is firmly under the the thumb of Julian Luna, and most, if not all minor masquerade violations can be swept under the rug of bureaucracy or the pervading culture of “Hey, well, SF is a weird place. Stuff happens.”

Kindred Law

The laws of San Francisco are applicable throughout the bay, though their enforcement varies.

The Embrace

While it is technically allowed that any kindred may embrace a mortal in The Bay, there are traditions, that, if broken, are frowned upon by the city at large.

If a Kindred wishes to embrace a mortal, he is more or less required to present that mortal to The Prince at Elysium. The Prince is known to abide by a policy of “informed consent” before approving any embraces. The mortal to be embraced is told about Kindred Society, the laws that bind them, the traditions, limitations, and responsibilities of Kindred. If the mortal agrees to abide by these traditions, the embrace may continue. If the mortal does not agree, or does not wish to be embraced after hearing the whole story, his memory is erased by The Prince and sent on his way.

The Masquerade

In general, the masquerade is lax in The Bay. Feeding in crowded clubs or in deserted side-alleys away from potential viewers is generally acceptable, so long as no mortals cause a stir. Likewise, ghouls are accepted, as long as they do not cause problems. If any problems arise, most Kindred are expected to deal with the matter themselves, or, if the problem is severe, immediately seek aid at Elysium. Flagrant abuses of this goodwill, however, can be expected to be met with swift, unrelenting punishment


If conflict arises between two kindred, it is required that they present themselves either to their primogen or directly to Elysium. If the affair cannot be resolved amicably, a Duel may be arranged. The Prince has little patience for slow, deliberate political games, and likes to see conflicts resolved in the open before they have a chance to boil over. Or, maybe, he just prefers that his potential rivals eliminate each other before they’re scheming has a chance to blow back over the city.


Murdering another Kindred is a high crime in The Bay, and where The Prince has jurisdiction, any offenders may expect to be hauled into Elysium to account for their actions.


Diablerie is abhorrent, and the worst crime in Kindred society. Unless extremely extenuating circumstances exist, if diablerie is discovered, a blood hunt is immediately called upon the offender.

Kindred Law Enforcement

Daedalus, the Nosferatu Primogen, pulls double-duty as the Sheriff of The Bay. He is charged with investigating Kindred-related affairs, managing hounds, and dealing with any unsavory problems that may arise. However, his machinations are usually administrative, and he relies upon his hounds, the Coterie, to handle most day-to-day enforcement and investigation.

Government of San Francisco

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