Government of Oakland

Oakland. The violent. The brutal. The anarchy. It is not a place for the feint of heart, or for the weak.

The Manchurian

Collectively, The Manchurian is the de facto Kindred government of Oakland. Of course, what only further confounds most kindred is that no one really knows ‘what’ it is. Most people know of rumors of a singular Manchurian, a brutal and terrifyingly old kindred who rules the city with an iron first. Some say it is merely a legend, and that Oakland is merely ruled by whatever criminal happens to be on top at the present. Still, Julian Luna claims to have met the mysterious Manchurian, and Oakland is technically part of the Prince’s domain. Further blurring matters is Ms. Liu, the ambassador for The Manchurian.

Law Enforcement

The Oakland Police Department, despite being well funded, well run, and well trained, fights a losing battle against drug trafficking, prostitution, and senseless violence on the streets of Oak Town. They have little time or patience for pointless rumors of blood-sucking fiends roaming the streets, and anything short of murder and mayhem tends to slip through the cracks of a tired, beaten-down public safety machine

Kindred Law Enforcement

Technically, Daedalus runs the law enforcement in both SF and Oakland. Most, however, assume that the Manchurian meets out the majority of the justice. The truth, however, is that Oakland seems to be lawless, at least in the sense that no one knows what the laws are. There are rumors of kindred getting away with flagrant abuses of the masquerade, while many have been killed for seemingly trivial offenses. Whatever the law is in Oakland, you don’t really want to be on the wrong side of it… though obeying the traditions and laws is no guarantee of safety.

Government of Oakland

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