Geography of San Francisco

The City of San Francisco rests upon a peninsula jutting up from the south toward Marin County, creating The Bay. It is linked to Marin by the Golden Gate Bridge, and to the cities of Oakland and Berkeley by the Bay Bridge.

Locations of Interest

City Mist Books

Nestled out of the way on a deserted side-street in a dreary, foggy part of the city is City Mist Books. Part bookstore, part curios shop, all mystery, City Mist Books is the home to our intrepid Coterie.

The Luna Compound

Located on the high hills of San Francisco’s wealthiest district, the Luna Compound is the seat of kindred power and politics in The Bay. In this Elysium, Julian Luna holds court, the primogen gather to set policy, and any visiting kindred may be granted a haven and hospitality. It is heavily guarded, imposing, and impressive.

Market Street

Running across San Francisco is the wide boulevard of Market Street. Flanked on either side by towering sky-scrapers, this wide avenue may just be the principal artery of San Francisco.

The Wharves

More a tourist attraction then anything else, the run down wharves have been known to play haven to the local network of Nosferatu, as well as San Francisco’s more sinister criminal element.

The Haven

Run by Lillie Langtry, The Haven has been neutral ground since before the Covenant War. A popular hangout for kindred of any clan, The Haven is a lasting symbol of San Francisco’s tenuous peace.


More touristy than anything else, and certainly less sinister than it’s Oakland counterpart, Chinatown nonetheless holds some of it’s otherworldly appeal, and is the domain of the mysterious Ms. Liu.

The Tenderloin

Home to one of the largest homeless populations and red-light districts in the United States, The Tenderloin is one of the juiciest Racks out there. Pretty much any thirst can be sated there… for the right price.

Arkham by the Bay

In the World of Darkness, Alcatraz Prison never closed. It just… changed. After the second world war, this island-bound maximum security prison was adapted into a mental institution, run by the Federal Government to house the most dangerous of criminally insane offenders. The grisly rumors that ebb and flow like the tides around the island have given it its colloquial nickname… “Arkham by the Bay.”

Geography of San Francisco

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