Geography of Berkeley

Just another sleepy college town Berkeley is not. Those who seek to profit or avoid the watchful gaze of the Republic, more often then not, tend to wind up as ash in the breeze.

Locations of Interest

The California Theater

The historic California Theater off of Shattuck Avenue is the court, cabal, and senate of Berkeley. It is here that the Kindred of the Republic gather almost nightly. At the California, you are just as likely to hear slam poetry as stirring speeches on Kindred politics. Discussions of gender roles, romance, and feminism merge with blood politics, frenetic raves, and punk rock concerts. One thing’s for sure, The Cali is definitely a place to be.

The Campus

The UC Berkeley Campus is a ‘protected’ zone. No violence is allowed on it’s grounds, nor may any Kindred walk it’s paths unless explicitly invited in. No one knows if this is just tradition, or some greater force compels kindred to stay away. One thing’s for sure, the UC provides a ready supply of fresh blood and ideas to the Bay.

Telegraph Avenue

Home to street vendors, radicals, punks, addicts, homeless, and just about any other fringe demographic you can think of, Telegraph Avenue by night is a sight to see. Almost anything fantastical or mystical can be found there… provided yo know where to look.

Geography of Berkeley

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