After doing some probability analysis, I’ve decided on a new system to handle feeding.

The goal of this system is to incorporate the Gothic horror of feeding on other people, without slowing the game down. The goal is for characters to have to carefully weigh their choices when it comes to feeding, always balancing their nourishment against the possibility that they will lose control and wind up hurting someone.

Dice Pool: Humanity + 5 + Herd + Haven Location

For each success, the character gains one point of vitae. Note that this vitae cannot be ‘stored’ for later use in the night if it brings the character over the maximum amount of vitae they can consume. Vampires drink only until sated, and their bodies can literally not store any more.

If a character is hungry (less than five vitae in their system), starving for vitae (less than two vitae in their system) or has already fed that night, they must start making “wassail” rolls to prevent going into a feeding frenzy. Preventing frenzy is an extended action. Each turn, a character makes a wits + composure roll to prevent themselves from entering Wassail. If the vampire obtains at least one success, they do not frenzy that turn. Vampires must achieve a certain amount of successes before seven rolls are made in order to not kill the mortal they are feeding on.

  • Fed more than once: (times fed previously +1) successes
  • Hungry: 3 + times fed previously successes
  • Starving : 5 + times fed previously successes

Also, certain modifiers apply to these rolls.

  • Hungry: -1
  • Starving: -2

A character enters Wassail if he does not accumulate any successes on a ‘wassail’ roll. In wassail, a vampire literally loses control and cannot stop feeding. They drain the mortal they are feeding on dry, killing them.


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