Encyclopedic Knowledge

Effect: Your character is a veritable font of useful (and sometimes useless) information on a wide variety of topics. Chances are he can come up with an anecdote pertaining to any situation based on something heÕs read, witnessed or seen on TV.

You can make an Intelligence + Wits roll any time your character is confronted with a situation or phenomenon outside his normal realm of experience. If the roll is successful, he may recall a ÒfactoidÓ that heÕs heard at some point that may shed light on matters.

Available at character creation only. Your character has either been soaking up trivia all his life or he hasn’t. D ramatic Failure: Your character ÒremembersÓ something about the situation that is completely inaccurate. “Wait! Wait! I saw something like this in a movie once!” The Storyteller might make Intelligence + Wits rolls on your behalf when a dramatic failure is possible.

Failure: Your character wracks his brain but comes up empty.

Success: Your character remembers a detail or fact that sheds some light on the situation. ÒYou said there was an almond odor? Seems to me I read somewhere thatÕs a sign of cyanide poisoning.Ó

Exceptional Success: Your character recalls a number of useful details that provide extensive insight. ÒHey, cool Ñ a little candy skull. They make these in Mexico for the Day of the Dead. ItÕs an offering for a loved one whoÕs died. And they say you canÕt learn anything on TV.Ó

Encyclopedic Knowledge

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