The Covenants of San Francisco are shattered, disorganized, and scattered. However, remnants exist, and a Covenant need not be a closely bound political system…

The Carthian Movement

The Carthians more or less rule the three cities, though their hold over Oakland is in name only, most Carthians of SF hardly see any other covenant as an option, and those who reside in Berkeley are far more loyal to the mini-government there than any overarching covenant. Given the heavy losses sustained during the Covenant War, most Carthians either pledged their support to Julian Luna and owe their first loyalties to their city rather than their covenant, or have joined the social experiment Damsel set up in Berkeley.

The Invictus

Technically speaking, the Invictus in The Bay is dead. While Archon Raine and his protege, Julian Luna may at one point have been members of the First Estate, the inability to adapt and change has left the back of the Invictus broken. Still, there are rumors that the Invictus still holds sway in Oakland, under the guise of the mysterious Manchurian.

The Lancea Sanctum

Fanatics and zealots are not exactly welcome in the cities by the bay. All but destroyed in the Covenant Wars, those that pledge their allegiance to the Lancea Sanctum are typically moderate ‘ministers,’ wandering practitioners that answer to no formal hierarchy or bishop.

The Circle of the Crone

For the most part, the circle of the crone is welcome in the cities, if only because they remain subtle and out of sight. However, they were significantly weakened by the Covenant War, and given their already fractious nature, most of the Circle are independent witches and warlocks pursuing their own independent goals.

Ordo Dracul

The Ordo Dracul is welcome to the cities… as long as they keep quiet. While some mentors still exist, no formal hierarchy exists to guide neonates, and most either stumble onto the coils, find a mentor, or pursue their own grisly training.

The Unaligned

The Unaligned find a haven from the storm in The Bay. Protected by it’s laws, treated as citizens, and free to do as they please (within reason), many unbound call the city home. However, anarchy takes it’s toll, and outside the protective hand of Julian Luna or the commune of Damsel is a city ready to rip anyone apart, regardless of how much of a ‘lone wolf’ the members of the unaligned may see themselves to be.


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