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Campaign Rules

By submitting an application to this campaign, you agree to the following rules:

  • No racist or sexist language is allowed, despite whether or not it is ‘in character.’
  • Players agree to meet at the time agreed upon by all, and to make a good faith effort to log on to every gaming session
  • If a player is unable to log on to a session, he agrees to contact the GM/ST as quickly as possible and in advance so that arrangements can be made.
  • Players agree to play fairly with one another, refrain from unethical play or ‘griefing,’ as well as from powergaming or ‘munchkin’ -ing.
  • Players agree to cooperate with one another in character building, gaming, and decision-making.
  • Players agree to respect the decisions of the GM/ST.
  • The GM agrees to treat all players with respect.
  • The GM agrees to thoughtfully consider all character back stories and make the game as inclusive and player-centric as possible.
  • The GM agrees to make a good-faith effort to attend all scheduled sessions, except in extenuating circumstances. In extenuating circumstances, the GM agrees to notify the players of cancellation as soon as possible.
  • The GM agrees to consider all player ideas and decisions, even if they may temporarily ‘break’ the campaign
  • The GM agrees to be prepared in advance for all sessions.

A Word of Advice

Most of the concept generation won’t make sense unless you read through some of the wiki first. At least read through the section on the Coterie and Government of San Francisco first. Likewise, it’d be a good idea to check out Covenants page during your concept generation. If you are completely new to the Vampire: the Requiem system, I’ve prepared a Primer that’ll at least help you learn what you need to know to put together a concept.

Concept Generation

If you agree to play by these rules, you may submit a character concept application. You may submit multiple concepts. There are literally no limits on the concepts you may submit, though keep in mind that your character should fit in with the background provided in the Coterie section of the wiki.

To submit a character concept, e-mail the GM at exhominem [at] gmail [DOT] com with the subject header: nWoD VtR The Dark Bay Concept and the questions below answered.

  • What time, on what days can you play?
  • What is your character’s name?
  • concept?
  • clan?
  • covenant?
  • virtue?
  • vice?
  • What was your character’s life like, prior to their embrace?
  • How and why was your character embraced? Who did it?
  • Give a brief summary of your character’s requiem / unlife thus far.
  • Why was your character recruited to become a hound of Daedalus?
  • Is your character physically, mentally, or socially oriented?
Optional Questions
  • Why is your character living in San Francisco? Since when have you been there? If you’ve lived somewhere else before, why did you leave?
  • What are your character’s goals?
  • What are your character’s secrets?
  • What are your character’s politics?
  • Why did your character join their covenant?
  • ethnicity?
  • place of birth?
  • What are your character’s hobbies?
  • Summarize your character’s lineage (sire, grandsire, etc)
  • What are your character’s faults?
  • What is your character’s opinion of some npc’s in the game? How do they relate to your character?
  • Where does your character prefer to feed? On whom? (ex: academics, the wealthy, the poor, junkies, addicts, prostitutes, etc)

Concept Page

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