Blandishment of Sin

The subject of this power suffers increased damage the next time any harm is inflicted on him. That wound is upgraded one degree of damage. Thus, three bashing damage becomes three lethal, and three lethal damage becomes three aggravated. (Aggravated wounds do not increase to any other sort, and the effects of the ritual are wasted.) If, at the end of the night, the subject has not suffered any damage, the ritual ends, though it may be invoked against him on the following night.

If the subject activates Resilience, that Discipline offsets the benefits of this ritual for the next wound he suffers only if the damage upgrade would make the next wound aggravated. The injury in question inflicts its upgraded, aggravated damage, which Resilience downgrades again.

The action to activate this power is contested, pitting the sorcerer’s Intelligence + Academics + Theban Sorcery against the subject’s Resolve + Blood Potency (resistance is reflexive). The subject is unaware of the power applied to him and doesn’t know why his next injury is so severe.

Offering: A scrap of paper, upon which the subject’s name must be written. The paper is then burned in sight of the subject as the ritual is cast.

Blandishment of Sin

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