This power makes the user seem exponentially more charismatic and magnetic than he normally is. The force of his personality issues forth in waves, drawing people to him like moths to a flame. Perhaps the greatest use for Awe is its ability to facilitate public speaking or debate. Whatever the vampire says, people are likely to lend serious credence to his position and views, and even the staunchest opponents gladly hear him out. Awe can often turn the tide in a tense negotiation, tipping the scales from “potentially” to “definitely.”

As with other Majesty powers, Awe ceases to be useful when more pressing matters come to the fore. Personal safety always takes precedence, and any commotion pulls even the most rapt listener from his reverie of attention. Those subjected to the character’s stature likely remember how good they felt around him, and tailor future reactions accordingly.


Dice Pool: Presence + Expression + Majesty

Action: Instant

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: A dramatic failure indicates that the character actually makes himself more unappealing, and people actively seek to avoid him until he leaves.

Failure: Failure indicates that the power simply does not activate. The character knows this immediately and may try again next turn.

Success: The character succeeds in dazzling his intended audience with his overwhelming charisma.

Exceptional Success: An exceptional success indicates that the subjects’ Composures are considered one less than normal for the purposes of determining who is affected.

The number of successes the player acquires is compared to the Composure of each intended subject. If the number of successes exceeds a given target’s Composure, that subject is affected by the character’s powerful personality. If a subject’s Composure is equal to or higher than the number of successes earned, that subject goes unaffected. A character may Awe whomever is present (see the suggested modifiers below), and comparisons are made from lowest Composure to highest among potential subjects. Effectively, a character may not single out an individual subject in a crowd to Awe. He simply “turns on the charm” and lets it work its magic.

Those individuals affected by Awe raptly fawn over the user. Any social rolls he engages in with them gains a number of bonus dice equal to the number of successes rolled to activate the power. This effect lasts for one scene, and people may well expect to thrill to the character’s presence the next time they see him.

Suggested Modifiers

Modifier Situation

— Character attempts to Awe one person

-1 Character attempts to Awe two people

-2 Character attempts to Awe six people

-3 Character attempts to Awe 20 people

-4 Character attempts to Awe a vast number of people in the vampire’s immediate vicinity (an auditorium, a mob)


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