Theban Sorcery

Cost: Uses of Theban Sorcery always cost one Willpower point.

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Academics + Theban Sorcery.

Unlike Crúac and its relationship to the Nosferatu, the Gangrel clan weakness does apply to the Discipline user’s roll on attempts to invoke Theban Sorcery rituals.

Action: Extended. The number of successes required to activate a ritual is equal to the level of the ritual (so a level-three ritual requires three successes to enact). Each roll represents one turn of ritual casting. Note also that each point of damage incurred in a turn is a penalty to the next casting roll made for the character, in addition to any wound penalties suffered.

If a character fails to complete the ritual in time (such as by being sent into torpor before accumulating enough successes) or decides to cancel the ritual before garnering enough successes to activate it, the effect simply fails. Any Willpower expenditures made are not recovered.

Blood Scourge (1)

Vitae Reliquary (1)

Curse of Babel (2)

Liar’s Plague (2)

Blandishment of Sin (3)

Malediction of Despair (3)

Gift of Lazarus (4)

Stigmata (4)

Transubstantiation (5)

Wrathful Judgment (5)

Theban Sorcery

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