The allure and reassurance of a Kindred with this power is enough to make others forego caution and share their innermost feelings and secrets. A few complimentary or compassionate words or a heartfelt look from the vampire can break down a person’s prudence and fear, inspiring a desire to share deep feelings or dark secrets in an upwelling of affection or release.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion + Majesty versus subject’s Composure + Blood Potency

Action: Contested; resistance is reflexive

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The vampire’s manipulative efforts are obvious for the intended subject to see. No more of the vampire’s attempts at Revelation on the same subject work for the remainder of the night.

Failure: The character loses or ties the contested roll. He may try again.

Success: The vampire wins the contested roll by getting the most successes, and the subject bares his soul.

Exceptional Success: The vampire wins the contested roll with five or more successes. The subject bares his soul until every sin or crime he can think of is revealed. No Willpower can be spent to make a Composure roll to stop.

While a vampire can gain the information he seeks by use of this power, he must be prepared for a litany of confessions from a particularly guilty or tormented subject. A longtime criminal might have many sins to confess, for example, only one of which is important to the character using Revelation. A successful Manipulation + Socialize roll may be required for the vampire to steer the confession to a matter of interest. If the roll fails, the vampire must endure everything that the subject has to say. Should the confession go on for more than a single turn, and the subject turns to particularly deep, dark or dangerous secrets, a Willpower point may be spent and a Composure roll made for the subject to break the spell for a turn (see p. 129).

The subject remembers what he confessed after the effects of the power have passed. He undoubtedly can’t explain his lack of discretion, and he might do anything in his power to compensate for his “error in judgment.”

Suggested Modifiers

Modifier Situation

+3 The subject is a thrall to the Kindred, under a full Vinculum to her.

+3 The subject is already under the influence of Entrancement.

+2 The subject is already under the influence of Awe.

+2 The subject is under the second stage of a partial Vinculum to the Kindred.

+2 Power is turned on a vampire with whom the user has a blood tie (see p. 162)

+1 The subject is affected by the first stage of a partial Vinculum to the Kindred.

-1 The subject is an enemy.

-2 The Revelation user has inflicted violence upon the subject in the scene


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