Effects: This Merit measures your characterÕs material resources, both possessions and wealth. All characters are assumed to have a job or a source of income (trust fund, parents) that is sufficient to cover their basic needs: food, shelter and transportation. Dots in this Merit represent disposable income Ñ wealth and assets that can be liquidated for more money in case of emergency. The number of dots indicates your characterÕs general level of wealth.

One dot suggests low disposable income: $500 a month and approximately $1,000 worth of assets. Two dots suggest moderate disposable income: $1,000 a month and approximately $5000 worth of assets. Three dots suggest significant disposable income: $2000 a month and maybe $10,000 worth of assets. Four dots suggest substantial disposable income: $10,000 a month and $500,000 worth of assets. Five dots suggest significant wealth: $50,000 a month and as much as $5,000,000 worth of assets.

Resources can be used to determine if your character can reasonably afford a purchase or expenditure. Equipment, weapons and items throughout these rules are assigned costs in dots. The Storyteller can assign cost dots to other items during play based on whatÕs here. If your character has the same or more dots in Resources, he can afford the item on his disposable income. That doesnÕt mean he has a blank check with which to buy everything he sees. He might be able to afford one or two items with a cost equal to his Resources dots in a single month. Items with lower costs can be acquired more often. The Storyteller has final say on whatÕs too much or whatÕs too often.

Your characterÕs Resources dots arenÕt spent and donÕt go away. They represent available cash at any given moment.

The only means by which your characterÕs Resource dots might decrease is if story events conspire against them. Perhaps your characterÕs fortune is wiped out, he loses his job or his company is subjected to a hostile takeover. The Storyteller therefore influences how your characterÕs dots might decrease, and whether they can be salvaged.


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