Iron Stamina 113


Prerequisites: Stamina ¥¥¥ or Resolve ¥¥¥

Effect: Each dot eliminates a negative modifier (on a one-for-one basis) when resisting the effects of fatigue or injury. For example: A character with Iron Stamina ¥¥ is able to ignore up to a -2 modifier brought on by fatigue. See ÒFatigue,Ó p. 179. The Merit also counteracts the effects of wound penalties. So, if all of your characterÕs Health boxes are filled (which normally imposes a -3 penalty to his actions) and he has Iron Stamina ¥, those penalties are reduced to -2. This Merit cannot be used to gain positive modifiers for actions, only to cancel out negative ones.

Your character can push his body well past the limits of physical endurance when he has to, pressing on in the face of mounting exhaustion or pain. Perhaps he trained himself to go without sleep for days at a time in order to get through college, or a lifetime of sports has taught your character how to play through the pain no matter how bad it gets.

Drawback: When your character does finally rest, he sleeps like the dead. After staying awake for an extended period, your character is extremely difficult to wake until heÕs slept for a minimum of 12 hours, regardless of the situation.

Iron Stamina 113

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