Holistic Awareness

Effect: Your character is skilled in the arts of wholebody healing, promoting health and recovery by keeping a personÕs entire physiology balanced and strong. The result is that he is able to treat sickness and some injuries (those not requiring surgery, and ones suffered to bashing or lethal damage but not aggravated) with a collection of natural remedies rather than resorting to a doctor or hospital.

Make an Intelligence + Medicine roll once per day when your character spends an hour treating a patient. If the roll is successful, the patientÕs healing times that day are halved. The worst of a patientÕs injuries must be treated first. So, if he has suffered a lethal wound and a successful roll is made, the wound heals that day rather than in two days. If the patient has suffered nothing but bashing damage, all wounds are healed in mere minutes (about eight each). See Chapter 7, p. 175, for healing times.

Dramatic Failure: Your character misdiagnoses or mistreats the problem, making it worse. The patient does not heal more quickly (he maintains normal healing times). He does, however, suffer an additional point of bashing damage. Your character cannot try to heal the patient again for his current injuries.

Failure: The treatment has no effect and normal healing times apply to any bashing wounds or to a single lethal wound. If the Storyteller allows, your character can make a successive attempt to try again that day (see p. 132). If still no successes are gained to heal a single lethal wound or one or more bashing wounds, those must be allowed to heal naturally before another effort can be made. Thus, if no successes are rolled to heal one of a patientÕs lethal wounds, that wound must heal naturally over two days before your character can try to heal another lethal wound.

Success: Your characterÕs treatment is rewarding and the patientÕs healing time that day is halved.

Exceptional Success: The patient responds remarkably well to treatment. You can skip tomorrow’s roll altogether. ItÕs automatically assumed to succeed. In that case, two lethal wounds can be healed in two days.

Suggested Equipment: Holistic medicines (+1), healing- touch manuals (+1), body-purifying foods and liquids (+1)

Possible Penalties: Lack of remedies (-1 to -4), noisy environment (-1), imminent danger (-3), improvised facilities (-1)

Holistic Awareness

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