Government of Berkeley

Centered around the famous UC Berkeley Campus, the City of Berkeley has been transformed into a Carthian experiment of Kindred neonate self-governance… with all the risks that implies.

The Free Socialist Kindred Republic of Bezerkly

The City of Berkeley is a living, breathing experiment in kindred government. One of the first of it’s kind, ‘Bezerkly’ models it’s government on socialism, marxism, and communism. In the cavernous California Theater, all decisions are made by committee of all Kindred who call Berkeley home.

At the unofficial ‘head’ of the state is Damsel, the firey gangrel who made the dream of Bezerkly a reality. While she sits at the primogen table, her true home and loyalties lie with her merry band of anarchists, communists, students, and radicals that call Bezerkly home.

Lastly, Bezerkly calls itself home to a small community of mortals and ghouls as well, who occupy the California Theater, and serve as a sort of socialized ‘blood bank’ for the kindred of the city. Even more shockingly, these mortals have an equal voice as any Kindred in the wild and crazy senates held to determine Bezerkly policy.

Rule of Law

The laws of Bezerkly are the same any where else in The Bay, though their enforcement varies. However, any Kindred who wishes to feed or reside in Bezerkly must either join the Republic, or receive special dispensation. It is not uncommon that as soon as Kindred arrive in Berkeley that they are brought to the California Theater by members of the Republic… willingly or not.

Furthermore, serious masquerade violations, poaching, murder, and diablerie are not met so much with deliberation or court process as in San Francisco, but more with ‘instantaneous, bloody retribution.’ ‘Keep your fangs clean in Bezerkly,’ the saying goes, ‘or you’re liable to lose them.’

Government of Berkeley

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