Geography of Oakland

Oakland lies along the south east of The Bay, with it’s mighty naval yards jutting out into the water, the towering cranes like looming sentries.

Places of Interest


The Oakland Chinatown is possibly the most exotic, dangerous, and mysterious location on the west coast. Ostensibly ruled by the mysterious ‘Manchurian,’ only the bravest Kindred, or those with special, explicit dispensation, dare to enter into Chinatown.

Oak Town

The intercity of Oakland, or ‘Oak Town,’ would look more at home in a war-torn country wracked by civil war than the supposedly genteel United States. Gangs, addicts, and worse own Oak Town, and any high, any low, can be found there… if you stay alive long enough to get to it.


Home to the wealthy upper-class of Oakland, Piedmont is physically elevated above the chaos down below. Guard dogs, private security, and gated community fences keep this oasis safe, and rumor has it that one or two kindred, possibly refugees from the old Invictus regime, have made themselves a home here amongst the old wealth and country clubs.

The Square

Jack London Square and it’s surrounding areas serves as a beacon of light in the darkness that is Oakland. A vibrant community of musicians, actors, and dancers make Oakland famous for it’s west-coast jazz, and make The Square’s numerous clubs and restaurants a port in the storm.

Geography of Oakland

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