The Hounds of Daedalus

The Coterie consists of kindred gathered together by Daedalus to act as hounds of the city. They are charged with investigating crimes, enforcing the rule of law, and keeping tabs on affairs that occur throughout The Bay. The members of the Coterie have been living and working together now for approximately five months, and all are on reasonably good terms with one another.

City Mist Books

City Mist Books is the shared haven for our Coterie. It is located in a sleepy corner of downtown San Francisco, easy to miss, off the beaten track, but reasonably close to various feeding grounds and transit networks. From this haven, the coterie runs a tidy little business in exotic imports and exports, artifact trade (some acquired more legally than others) as well as a bit of gun smuggling.

The store itself serves mostly as a front, and is composed of three stories. On the ground level is the main shop, which consists of half-hazard stacks of books, shelves crammed to bursting with semi-organized books, and couple comfortable chairs. Also, there is a desk where Natalie, the resident ghoul, administers the day-to-day operations of the shop, as well as the coterie’s side businesses. Below the shop is a basement divided into private apartments where the coterie spends most of their days, and above the shop is a small apartment where Natalie resides.


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