Magda Velasquez

The Sleeping Beauty


Magda was a prominent member of the old regime. Some say she’s been around since the Spanish first colonized the bay, but the truth is, she’s been in Torpor for about a decade now, and most people have begun to forget about her, although her ghoul, Arthur Stanlauson serves as a living reminder to her former glory.

As a relic from a past time, she was quietly tolerated under the new regime for quite some time. Of course, eventually she made the mistake of trying to grab power by sleeping with Julian Luna. Someone must’ve forgot to tell her how insanely jealous the prince’s lover, Lillie Langtry was, because when the Daeva primogen found out, she started howling for Magda’s blood.

Fearing diablerie, torture, or just generally a fate worse than death at the hands of Lillie Langtry, Magda attempted to take her own life, but was prevented by her trusty ghoul. Now, she resides in silent torpor within the glass shrine her ghoul built for her. She is somewhat of an urban legend among the younger kindred: “The Sleeping Beauty of San Francisco.”


Magda Velasquez

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