The Bezerkeley Reeve


Simone is the Reeve, or Sheriff, of Bezerkeley. Officially, she is elected by the Bezerkeley Soviet to keep order in the city. Unofficially, she handles just about all the unpleasant side errands associated with keeping a communist vampire state from dissolving into chaos and anarchy.

  • It appears that Simone is a member of the Circle of the Crone.
  • She has some sort of magical hold over Dawson, and her physical power causes both Melanie and Dawson to fear angering her.
  • Whatever she’s doing to Dawson, it’s likely that the Prince would not approve of it.
  • While she is accused of killing a kine in an alley by the night club Rapture, Jason Chen discovered evidence exonerating her from the crime.
  • She is well outside her jurisdiction by being in SF, and there is no clear reason for her being in the city as of yet.


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