Mr. Petrovsky

The Masquerade Fanatic


Mr. Petrovsky is politely known as a bit of an eccentric in San Francisco’s community. Behind his back, though, most regard him as a fanatic and a relic from a past time. His sole mission in unlife seems to be the preservation of the masquerade, despite his lacking any official title in the new regime. Prior to the rise of power of Julian Luna and Archon Raine, he served as Sheriff of the city. Despite his history, he is seen to be too little of a threat to the new regime to be actively persecuted… though that may yet change.

However, as a former Sheriff, his words hold some weight with his clan-mate and successor Daedalus. The two may not be on the best of terms, but he respects Daedalus’s ability to maintain order, and Daedalus tolerates Petrovsky because he keeps out of the public eye and subtly works to maintain the masquerade.


Mr. Petrovsky claims that Simone, the Bezerkeley enforcer, frenzied and killed a streetperson behind Rapture. However, as of late, several holes have appeared in his story.

Mr. Petrovsky

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