Melanie Dunn

The Vengful Childe


Melanie is a young, sireless childe. It is commonly known that she was embraced by a kindred named Roth without the approval of the Prince. Roth was murdered on the evening of Melanie’s embrace, and she has since dropped off the grid, presumably fearing for her own life. She is of great interest to Elysium, as so-called ‘rogue’ childer usually are.

  • She seems to be at least physically attracted to Eric Strathorn, and appears to have latched onto him, counting on him to keep her safe.
  • Melanie claims that Mr. Petrovsky killed her sire, Roth, and threw her out of a window.
  • She also claims that Mr. Petrovsky attacked her in the alley by Rapture.
  • It appears that she and Dawson had a brief, one-night fling.
  • She at first thought that Simone wouldn’t care about her with her brief indiscretion with Dawson, but upon learning that Dawson was not, in fact, Simone’s ghoul, she became terrified that Simone would kill her if she found out.
  • Melanie has arranged for a private gallery showing of Dawson’s painting to be shown to some local kindred, most likely in an effort to humiliate Petrovsky.

Melanie Dunn

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