The Sheriff of the Bay


Educated and erudite, Daedalus is the Nosferatu Primogen and the Prince’s Enforcer. When the Prince seeks advice, he seeks Daedalus, for he holds Daedalus as his truest friend. When he has a task to be executed quickly and discreetly, he calls on Daedalus, a creature who can flash vicious and violent in an instant. Daedalus can kill. He can execute, and when the tempation to feed on blood is strong, he will give in. It is in his clan nature.

Daedalus’ clan is extremely old, and Daedalus himself may be as well. He is perceptive and compassionate beyond measure. He carries a great burden for humans, especially those who are alone and helpless. It is Daedalus who lurks in the shadows to protect and love such humans, but his compassion carries him into his own personal isolation and pain, the kind that he seeks to alleviate within others. He protects a child from a predatory Kindred. He touches the heart of a singer whose pain haunts her voice. He takes Alexandra to the water where she can go to her final death on her own, saving her from the violence of the Blood Hunt.

His compassion for humans is also an abberation among his kind. Nosferatu care little for the business and squabbles of the other clans. In fact, they care little for the other clans entirely. Most of all, however, they care little for humans. As the clan possessing the least human physical characteristics, the Nosferatu prefer to live away from humans, isolated and in secret. Daedalus compromises, living in secret, underground on the Prince’s compound where he expresses himself in his art, dabbles in alchemy, and appreciates a fine wine now and then.



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