Arthur Stanlauson

The Widower Ghoul


Here’s an object lesson in why it’s a bad idea to make a ghoul of a mortal with political influence. It worked great for a while — about a decade, in fact. But people at the courthouse started commenting on how well preserved he was just about the same time a few Assistant District Attorneys began comparing notes about how he’d smile oddly and put a hand in his pocket every time he caught sight of grisly crime scene photos.

He disappeared from the political landscape and wasn’t as useful for his domitor, who had problems of her own that led her to try to end her own Requiem. Her loyal Ghoul saved her — in fact he’s built her a shrine and, in the middle of it, she rests in a glass coffin modeled after Sleeping Beauty (according to a couple curious Mekhet who went snooping around the domitor’s old haven).

While she’s in torpor (and it’s probably going to be a long one), he needs a way to stay unaging so he can be there when she wakes up. That means Vitae, all that he can beg, borrow or steal. His Vinculum to his mistress keeps him from forming a new obsession, but his addiction is quite enough to keep him fawning, sniveling and doing any kind of Carthian shit-work that keeps him going.

The joke is, he’s like the village slut — everyone’s had his turn. But the Ghoul has kept his finger on the court system pulse, he’s slightly lower maintenance than a personal ghoul and he’s pathetically eager to do even the most debasing tasks. Moreover, it’s occurred to more than one Carthian that if they don’t cool his jones, some other covenant — one eager for a description of which Carthians are asking for what daylight chores — probably will.


Arthur Stanlauson

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