The Cities of Eternal Fog

The Sleeping Beauty of SF - Part 1

On the instructions of Daedalus, the coterie followed up on a lead to a certain ghoul whose mistress has been in torpor for many years. In exchange for his cooperation, the ghoul has asked the coterie to find some way to wake his mistress.

Following a rumor, the Coterie proceeded to the Chinatown of SF, where they ‘met’ the illusive Ms. Liu. She then gave them directions on how to find the “Doctor to the Dead,” an elder kindred rumored to have the abilities to pull other elder vampires from torpor.

The Coterie discovered that the Good Doctor was, in fact, a prisoner of the Manchurian, tasked by the criminal syndicate with a mysterious mission. A mission that keeps him a prisoner in his own home until he completes it. The Coterie again contacted Ms. Liu, who, in return for another favor, agreed to let the Coterie ‘borrow’ the Doctor.

Currently, the Coterie is attempting to acquire an antique printing of Perrault’s “Fairy Tales” illustrations from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, in addition to several other Egyptian Antiquities required by the Doctor to bring the Sleeping Beauty out of Torpor.


exhominem exhominem

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