The Cities of Eternal Fog

The Sleeping Beauty of SF - Part 1

On the instructions of Daedalus, the coterie followed up on a lead to a certain ghoul whose mistress has been in torpor for many years. In exchange for his cooperation, the ghoul has asked the coterie to find some way to wake his mistress.

Following a rumor, the Coterie proceeded to the Chinatown of SF, where they ‘met’ the illusive Ms. Liu. She then gave them directions on how to find the “Doctor to the Dead,” an elder kindred rumored to have the abilities to pull other elder vampires from torpor.

The Coterie discovered that the Good Doctor was, in fact, a prisoner of the Manchurian, tasked by the criminal syndicate with a mysterious mission. A mission that keeps him a prisoner in his own home until he completes it. The Coterie again contacted Ms. Liu, who, in return for another favor, agreed to let the Coterie ‘borrow’ the Doctor.

Currently, the Coterie is attempting to acquire an antique printing of Perrault’s “Fairy Tales” illustrations from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, in addition to several other Egyptian Antiquities required by the Doctor to bring the Sleeping Beauty out of Torpor.

Criminal Intent - Part 2

The Coterie managed to fight of Mr. Petrovsky’s henchmen; capturing one of them. The coterie then brought both Melanie and the henchman to Elysium, where they are now held in ‘protective custody.’

The Coterie then proceeded to retreive the painting of Petrovsky from it’s gallery showing before it was exposed to the general public. However, in doing so, they became entangled with a Bezerkely socialite, and are expected to attend an upcoming ball in Bezerkeley.

Despite Petrovsky’s threats, the Coterie delivered the painting to Elysium, but the investigation into the death of Roth, Melanie’s sire, is still pending.

Criminal Intent - Part 1
Our story begins

Last time on “The Cities of Eternal Fog” ...

Our trusty Coterie meets the acerbic teenage ghoul, Natalie; who promptly dispatches them to the residence of one Mr. Petrovsky… a russian nosferatu somehow associated with a Moscow fire way back in the 1800’s…

Mr. Petrovsky informs our crew that a rogue kindred enforcer, Simone, has frenzied in public and killed a streetperson. Worse yet, the incident has been captured on camera by a kine known only as ‘Dawson.’

Upon arriving at the scene of the crime, the Coterie discovers several compelling clues that don’t quite match up with Petrovsky’s story. Furthermore, the indomitable Ms. Clairburne manages to sweetalk her way into the club, and discovers a brewing love triangle between Dawson, Simone, and an as-of-yet unknown third party.

Just as they are getting ready to pay a visit to the myserious Mr. Dawson, the Coterie is confronted by Simone, a Bezerkeley enforcer. After calming the firey latina down, she agrees to escort them to an interview with Dawson, provided they refrain from any violent action against him.

At the apartment of Jack Dawson, Jack claims that it was, in fact, Mr. Petrovsky that frenzied, and it was his image which Dawson snapped a photo of. After an amazing display of technical wizardry, Jason Chen manages to restore some of the blurred photograph, clearing Simone’s name. Also, it is revealed that Dawson has painted a portrait of Mr. Petrovsky, and the painting is now in the hands of the seductive childe, Melanie Dunne. Thinking quickly, Draxton, Kindred P.I. Extrodinaire , manages to pick up on a number of disturbing hints in the behavior of both Simone and Dawson, revealing that there may be more to their relationship than first guessed.

The Coterie arrives in Golden Gate Park just in time to meet Melanie Dunne. She claims that Petrovsky murdered her sire and attacked her in the alley besides rapture. The charismatic Eric Strathorn manages to convince Melanie to lower her guard and turn herself in to the prince at Elysium. However, she insists on first acquiring the painting of Mr. Petrovsky, so as to provide evidence of his crimes.

Before the Coterie can vanish into the night, they are cornered by John and Charles, the retainers of Mr. Petrovsky. They give the Coterie a simple choice; turn Melanie over to Petrovsky, or be prepared to fight for their very lives…

The coterie gathers...

A series of e-mails, each labelled “An Invitation” have been individually sent to our heroes. They have gathered together in a sleepy little bookstore… “City Fog Books.” Some have come out of a desire for power, others seek answers. Some run from ancient secrets, and one or two are just there to get paid. No matter the reason, they have joined together, and the last five months have brought them into a sort of uneasy friendship and casual respect. After all, nights are unforgiving to lone wolves, and sometimes the only way to stay alive is to be a team player… at least in the Cities of Eternal Fog.

The chronicle has yet to begin

The story of The Dark Bay has yet to begin… who knows what secrets, mysteries, and adventures shall unfold?


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